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About Us

What makes us unique?

Thick Momma's Pizza has a variety different vegan pizzas that are hand made with natural products to create a more healthy plus tasteful Vegan Pizza. We offer a very soft and thick crust pizza and Cheese made from cashews packed with a whole lot of flavor! We strive to give you an excellent pizza experience but the Vegan Version!!

How and Why did we get started?

We started making Vegan Pizza's while stationed in Korea. While frequently watching different videos on making vegan foods, we were inspired on finding one about pizza. After seeing a few videos, we practiced making our own until. it flourished to what it has now become. Prior to becoming Vegan, Pizza was always a favorite food, so we learned to satisfy the cravings and Veganize it.

What motivates and inspires us?

The desire to not only give pizza lovers the best up and coming vegan pizza experience, but also to provide more options for the lack of diversity in Vegan Pizza Crust.

How did we come up with name and logo?

The name came from a story we posted on Instagram, where it stated, "I am tired of eating pizza that has super thin crust! So i am going to make a Pizza with a crust thats thicker than your momma!" Thats how we got the name "Thick Momma's Vegan Pizza". The logo compliments the reasoning behind the name.

Where to find us?

Instagram: Thickmommaveganpizza

About: About Us
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